Landrush and validation process

Landrush (priority period) information

The landrush for dotAmsterdam starts on June 1st, 2015 on 11:00 hrs UTC (13:00 hrs local time), and ends on August 14, 15:00 hrs UTC (17:00 hrs local time).

Te goal of the priority period is to give precedence to individuals and business from the Amsterdam region for the registration of domain names.

Landrush pricing and invoicing

In the landrush period, an additional fee is charged for the domains that are requested and allocated. Invoicing will start from September 1, and only those domain names that are allocated to applicants will be invoiced.

The fee for validation is € 25,- per allocated domain name, and is invoiced separately.

Validation process

Each domain name that is requested is handed over to the validation partners for validation. They assess if domain name was applied-for more than once, and send a request to submit evidence to all applicants of the same domain name. The submitted evidence determines if the applicant receives priority.

Applkicant then visits, accepts the rules and regulations for the priority period, and gets an overview of all the applications for which there are multiple applicants.

After the evidence has been submitted, the validator uses a manual process to review all evidence and assign the domain name to the applicant with the highest claim. Please click this link or click the PDF icon for the most recent launch policy: this document contains all rules and regulations for the landrush period.